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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | ash returns to the sky iii

>> bulletin boards

Rei: Anyways, looks like you're seein' a lotta success for a bean sprout. Nice, nice... I've got a higher opinion of you now.

I knew you could do anything if you put your mind to it~♪

Tsumugi: Thank you very much! Oh, but I'm nothing! I'm always dragging down everybody in fine~♪

Rei: If you're aware of that, try harder — that's how humans got their footprints on the moon. ... but, huh. Looks like that "boy" is goin' through a lotta pain too.

Bein' dragged around by a main character who won't listen to what he says, stressin' out while revisin' the plot...

The fact that he's havin' a hard time is just oozin' outta his writing — that's why I told him to quit it...

But more importantly, I've gotten too used to english so I can't read the kanji. What does this say?

Tsumugi: Ah, that's...


Rei: Gotcha~♪ You really gotta be more alert, y'know.

You're so easy I'm almost repulsed. Aren't 'cha Yumenosaki's peak... "fine"?

You should learn to defend yourself, 'cause who knows what kinda malice you're gonna get exposed to? There are plenty of terrible and scary people in this world.

You're gonna have an awful time~ [tickle tickle] ♪

Tsumugi: Wai— st—? Ahahaha! ♪

Rei: Well, I dunno what "awful" would be like for you.

You're creepy as always... What, you experienced so many bad things that there's nothing left of you to hurt?

Even when I got you bungee jumping off the roof that one time, all you did was say "That was the first time I saw my life flash before my eyes!" like you were tryin' to think positive or something.

What are you, the main character of a book for children?

If you keep actin' like that, you're gonna lose somethin' important of yours one day.

Or maybe you've already lost it...? Bein' unable to feel even pain is the same as bein' dead, y'know?

Is your idiocy incurable even in death, aahn?

Eichi: ... wait. I would prefer it if you refrain from any rough actions, Sakuma-senpai.

School regulations have been amended again recently, so even if you're simply just messing around, that would be judged as violence and bodily harm.

Rei: Ahaha. Don't talk to me so casually, gloomy bastard.

Looks like you're pretty happy with yourself now that you're in a position where you can bend the rules to your will. You think you've become God now?

Eichi: I doubt I'd need to explain myself to you of all people. Nobody else was eager to take that seat, so I'm sitting in it, sad to say.

You are all free to call that throne whatever you'd like.

Rei: It doesn't matter to you, but I am the older one here. You got the public's attention right now, don't 'cha? Start speakin' politely, honour student.

... I guess you've got the real power here though, huh? You'd be fine with whatever people would wanna call it.

Eichi: Mm. The fools who don't think for themselves wanted that role.

They abandoned all thought and chose to entrust themselves to a being of superior rank, like an infant fawned upon by their mother.

Rei: Should've let them get weaned before their evil stepmother came in and toyed with them to her liking.

Eichi: You had both the ability and qualification, but you neglected to do that. That is your sin, Sakuma Rei of the Five Oddballs. Really, what were you holding back?

Being too powerful is also misfortunate, and a disability. Even if you intend on embracing somebody, they have the possibility of dying.

To all of you, that is your one and only hopeless weakness.

None of you are "evil". I might have named you that, arbitrarily manipulated that impression, and tailored you into the "role of the villain"...

But you are not the villains who appear in fairy tales, those without blood flowing through their veins.

And that is why you can't win against me.

You Five Oddballs are monsters. Monsters beyond human understanding. Super geniuses.

And yet you ended up loving humans and tried to involve yourselves with them, even though you really should've just held your breaths deep within the mountains.

But because you descended upon the human world, you dirtied and weakened yourselves. You are being slaughtered by the parts within all of you that are human.

Rei: I doubt I really need to ask you this, but all the incidents happenin' one after another in Yumenosaki's sister schools all 'round the world... that your work too?

Eichi: There isn't any evidence, but allow me to vaguely answer you just in case: Yumenosaki Academy's biggest financier is the Tenshouin conglomerate, and that goes the same for its sister schools as well.

Spreading our roots, manipulation, and making things go our own way is quite simple.

Rei: Impressive, really. But stop causin' trouble not just outside of Yumenosaki, but overseas too. Everyone's in a real bind.

Eichi: I wouldn't know. Even if war or famine broke out in far off countries, most humans would think nothing of it.

It's all just a story in some distant, parallel universe. The fact that you feel sympathy and empathy... the fact that you would extend a helping hand to them makes you the abnormal one here.

Time and time again you keep going to study abroad, making more friends and acquaintances and involving yourself deeply with them.

Being loved and relied on by anyone — that strength of yours became your shackles.

Only you can resolve the incidents in Yumenosaki Academy's sister schools all around the world.

But in the war occuring within Yumenosaki Academy itself, there is nothing left you can do.

Rei: All the people who were holdin' out as my substitutes n' representatives got annihilated, after all.

Been gettin' a pretty shitty rep too — I doubt anythin' can be done now even if I return to the war front.

Eichi: Indeed, that's how I planned it. I dropped an atomic bomb while the biggest monster was away.

After running all around the world saving people, what the hero sees after returning is a bloodstained wasteland.

That was the only kind of strategy I could use, you see, since you're simply just too powerful. You can't win against an undefeatable opponent, so you should kill them without fighting them.

You haven't been moving at all since we started talking — and I'm sure you barely even have the energy to stand, right?


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.:: tl notes/comments

the "boy" rei used here (坊主, bouzu) is the same one he used in repayment fes when referring to a certain someone

"You Five Oddballs are monsters. Monsters beyond human understanding. Super geniuses." was a little awkward to translate into english but the first "monster" eichi uses is "kaibutsu" while the second "monster" is "bakemono" — the differences a little subtle but you can think of it simply as kaibutsu being more creature-like/beastly and bakemono as more ghastly/supernatural