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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | ash returns to the sky ii

>> bulletin boards

Tsumugi: Huh? Hello? Hellooo~?

Ah, he hung up...

What should we do, Eichi-kun? It looks like Nagisa-kun is currently out of the country. He said something about how overseas calls would be a waste of money.

And apparently Hiyori-kun too is spending the money you gave him like it grows on trees, playing around with his fans.

This is such an important time too... I hope they don't cause any strange problems.

Eichi: .....

Tsumugi: Eichi-kun? Are you alright? You're not just pale... you look white as a sheet.

It really was reckless for you to slay the Five Oddballs one by one using everything in your disposal in such a small period of time.

I mean, I suppose you should be resolving everything you can while you're still riding the momentum...

But I'm worried. One of these days, you're going to die from overwork.

Eichi: ... now that the situation has advanced to this stage, whether I live or die won't be a problem.

I've made the preparations so that the Five Oddballs conquest will be able to go ahead smoothly even in my absence. Besides, even the tragedy of a member dying would put us in an advantageous situation.

Tsumugi: That's a joke, right? If you died, you won't be able to smile ever again! Please live a long life.

You desperately struggled to the death to achieve this glory — it'd be awful if you won't be able to taste it.

I will assist you in any way I can, so let's do our hardest to the very end. Just hold out for one more step, and your dream will come true ♪

Eichi: "Dream"... I wonder what my dream was... Do you know, Tsumugi?

Tsumugi: Of course not. But simply watching you gives me an idea.

The dream — the ideals you seek... it's the greatest happiness of the greatest number, yes?

I think it's splendid. You have done things that deserve praise from others.

You did a great thing that nobody else could have done... no, it was something that nobody else even thought they could "do" or "try"...

You accomplished things that were even impossible for the Five Oddballs.

Eichi: It's not over yet — the finale still remains... I'm sorry, Tsumugi. It looks like I've gotten a little exhausted, now that I can see the goal.

I was about to whine, which isn't like me at all. I have neither the right to complain nor the qualifications to apologize to the ones I have trampled over.

I should remain solemn to the very end, as the blades of the guillotine come down.

I desired for a revolution accompanied by bloodshed and pain, after all. That is my dream.

But you know, Tsumugi...? What on earth have I even changed?

Tsumugi: Eichi-kun, Eichi-kun. For the time being, we can give a little more pocket money to Hiyori-kun from fine's funds, right?

And we should send somebody to retrieve Nagisa-kun as well.

Eichi: Right. You really are used to this... probably because I always have you do things like my secretary would.

Tsumugi: Not just a secretary — the rest of the public thinks of me as fine's organizer...

Even though you're the one controlling it all... well, the mastermind shouldn't face the full brunt of everything.

Eichi: Only speaking from inside a safety zone, and having others move according to my whims... Do you think I'm a terrible person?

Tsumugi: No, I think you're doing the right thing.

I mean, since I'm the one who seems to be in charge, if anything actually does happen to fine, all you'll need to do is to feed me to the wolves~♪

Even if in reality, fine is rock-solid as long as Eichi-kun is here.

Just once, simply by sacrificing somebody useless like me, you can invalidate any kind of fatal damage.

You can press the reset button. One time, in this reality... despite not being a game. Isn't that amazing?

Eichi: Mm. You're a rather mysterious person. How should I put this — you treat both frivolous talks and heartful, heavy conversations the same way...?

You turn everything into a silly little chat.

Tsumugi: Hm? Whatever the topic may be, the quantity and variety of neurochemistry that occurs is all the same.

Eichi: That's just you, Tsumugi. In the end, everything is another one's affairs to you.

Tsumugi: Ah, your way of saying that is rather upsetting!

You must be quite stressed out because of all the close battles you keep fighting, but please don't vent it all out on me.

If you keep being mean like that, I'll start hating you!

Eichi: .....

Tsumugi: Ah, that was a lie! I was just kidding! I could never hate you~ I'm not hurt at all!

It just looks like I happen to be quite the exaggerator — we'll aaalways be friends, Eichi-kuun ♪

Eichi: Ah, right... I'm sorry, but can you be a little quiet for a moment?

Hey, Tsumugi. If I'm not wrong, that person who's in front of the bulletin boards...

Rei: .....

Tsumugi: Oh, Rei-kun! Rei-kuuun! It feels like it's been a while~! Didn't you go to England?

Rei: Tsumugi.

You said somethin' 'bout your eyesight gettin' bad, and you wear glasses when you're readin', right?

Hand 'em over. My eyes've been gettin' pretty bad lately, and I can't make out what this damn poster says.

Tsumugi: It's been a while, and yet you immediately and arrogantly order me to do something! Oh jeez, you're such an ore-sama character, Rei-kun! How cool!

But I'm sorry — I have so many lessons and live shows piling up these days, I don't even have the time to read properly... so I don't have my glasses on me.

Rei: Huh, that so? Pity... you and glasses made such a bad match, it was hilarious.


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.:: tl notes/comments

"greatest happiness of the greatest number" — you can read about, uh, jeremy bentham and utilitarianism for that

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