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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | even in hell viii

>> secret room

Tsumugi: Ah~ It's like a load has been taken off my mind. I had always been curious about who that was.

I knew you were related to the fortune teller who helped out my parents.

She is very famous these days, so if her son is named "Natsume", I was wondering if that could've been you, Natsume-kun...

But I was confused, because I thought you were a girl.

But now I understand everything! I'm relieved~ Thank you ♪

Natsume: Don't just feel "relieved" without my say in IT. Oh, WHATEVER.

I see, now that I think about IT... In that school, there was quite the detestable GUY. So that was YOU.

Everybody back then called you Tsumugi-niisan, I BELIEVE... HM, you give off a rather different impression NOW.

Tsumugi: Ahaha. Since then, a lot of things happened — my mother got tricked by another religious cult, went into personal bankruptcy, divorced, got remarried...

But, well... I'm happy now, so it's alright! There's no need to worry~♪

Natsume: It's not like I was WORRIED. You went through a lot of troubles, HM...?

Tsumugi: They weren't troubles at all! But fate really is a mysterious thing~ To think we'd reunite here!

I'm so happy to be able to see you again, "Natsume-chan" ♪

Natsume: The next time you use -chan, I'll douse your face with sulfuric ACID.

Tsumugi: Stop that! An idol's face is their treasure!

And "sulfuric acid"...? Oh right, you're fiddling around with some test tubes... what kind of experiment is this? Are you in the science club?

Natsume: We don't have an science club HERE. This is just something I'm a little interested in — a way of both killing time and doing some RESEARCH.

Master prefers fantastic kinds of MAGIC, but I'm the type who likes things like good old alchemy and plain SORCERY.

There aren't any places where you can do these kinds of experiments in this SCHOOL, so I decided to occupy this place MYSELF and utilize it to my heart's CONTENT.

Tsumugi: Wait, wait... this is still part of the school's facilities, so you can't just occupy this place illegally, okay?

Natsume: Why NOT? It's not like anybody is using this PLACE. It's what they call an effective use of LAND — besides, I got the PERMISSION.

It's times like this when having knowledge of a couple of teachers' weaknesses is CONVENIENT.

Tsumugi: Well, as long as you have the permission... as for me, I'm inspecting our book stock for library committee work.

Will it be alright if I occasionally come in here to check just the books in the underground archives?

Natsume: I don't MIND, as long as you don't get in my WAY.

My experiments requires very delicate BALANCE — you disturbed my calculations just by letting some air into this room when you opened the DOOR.

Tsumugi: Oh, I'm sorry... I got so happy, I ended up getting really deep in our conversation. I won't bother you any more, so please be at ease~♪

Natsume: YES... you're a little STRANGE, "Tsumugi-niisan".

Tsumugi: Huh, really? That's the first time somebody told me that~! I feel rather delighted!

I mean, this an idol training school, so there are a lot of colourful characters surrounding us ♪

Natsume: HM...? What's the problem HERE? There's just something ODD...

Tsumugi: Oh, have I caught your interest? Then why don't we have a nice chat after you're done with your experiments?

I'm sure we both have a lot of things to talk about ♪

Natsume: There is nothing I have to say to YOU. We're just passing strangers, after ALL.

NNGH... and here I thought I finally found a place where I could retreat and rest from the mobs who wanted me to solve their PROBLEMS.

Now something annoying has INVADED...

Don't get too over-familiar with ME, nii-san. I would like for us to not interfere with each OTHER.

Most of the TIME, an unhappy ending is all that awaits when a normal human like you involves themselves with a MAGICIAN.

>> fountain

Eichi: Hey, can't you let go of my hand? I can walk on my own...

I'm not going to run away. I'm aware of my position here, and I'm not a child anymore either.

I won't cause any trouble for you... thank you for all the work you do.

Just please cease with the meddling and only work what your salary pays you to do. I'd like for you to remember your position as a servant.

(Nngh... I suppose I'm paying the price for acting terribly selfish when I was younger.)

(Everybody around me is always treating me like a spoiled brat.)

(I'm sure they think that I'll be up to no good the moment they take their eyes off me.)

(It's not like I'm going to do anymore meaningless pranks, like coating all the roses in the mansion with blue paint for fun.)

(Oh, whatever. Once grandfather passes away, I'll start a reformation with the servants in the mansion, and replace them with people who will be obedient to me.)

(Until then, I suppose I'll have to be resigned to my inconvenience circumstances.)

Come on, hurry and open up the door.

Actually, stop coming to pick me up with the limousine. There might not be any pedestrians around right now because it's already way past school hours...

But I don't want to stick out too much right now.

Hm, what's wrong? Looking over there... is there something you're concerned about?

Wataru: ~.....♪

Eichi: (That's...? Ah... it's him. Why is he over there?)

(Actually, what is he doing? Hmm, rehearsing for a play?)

(He's so beautiful... engulfed in a mysterious light — it's entrancing.)

Wataru: .....♪

Eichi: (Wow, he noticed me? And he's waving at me too? Even though there's quite the distance between us... even though I'm so far away from him right now.)

(But one day... I'll definitely close in this gap between us.)

(I'm come to see you, no matter what methods I'll have to use.)


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