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.:: reminiscence * the three magicians :: element | even in hell vi

>> underground archives

Tsumugi: Excuse me...?

(Whoa. What is this room...? It may be a warehouse used as a storage room that's currently not in use anymore...)

(But I can clearly see traces of somebody keeping this place maintained.)

(This really is a "secret underground archive", just like Eichi-kun said.)

(Ah... and just like he claimed, I can see the books that were missing from the library here and there.)

(Not to mention a lot of suspicious books of unknown origins that aren't even registered in the library...)

(And not just regular books — there are scrap books, and files filled with a large number of documents as well.)

(This all seems rather dangerous...)

(But inspecting the books is my job as a member of the library committee, and I'm going to feel restless if I don't finish this up properly.)

(There are an enormous amount of books here in this underground archives, though...)

(I doubt I'd be able to check them all by myself, but Eichi-kun has already left.)

(Actually — when that Eichi-kun Gauge dropped to zero, some Tenshouin family butler really did immediately appear out of nowhere and extracted him.)

(I don't know too much, but being the scion of a huge financial conglomerate must be tough.)

(Well, Eichi-kun's not part of the library committee, and I'd feel guilty about having him help me just because we're friends.)

(I shall do this myself — forcing others to assist me would be inexcusable.)

(At least I was lent the key, so I can come and go whenever I want.)

(If I take the time to work every day... well, I'm sure I'll get somewhere after a month or so.)

(I'm glad I could actually open the door to this place... it seems like it's almost always locked, and when I asked the teachers I was told that they lost the key.)

(I'd appreciate it if they could have managed things properly, but...)

(When I consulted with Rei-kun, he let me borrow the master key. Why did he even have that on him? What a mysterious person.)

(I suppose he is the student council president, so having the master key isn't too odd, but this is clearly a duplicate.)

(Is it really alright for him to make something like this...?)

(Well, it's Rei-kun, so I'm sure he's made the preparations so any problems won't be happening.)

(He did really help me out, after all. Thank you, Rei-kun. I'll be sure to pay you back for this.)

(Now then. I suppose I should start checking out the stock starting from the bookcases at the front... hm?)

([sniff sniff]... d-doesn't it smell a little strange here? No way, a fire?)

(No, it doesn't feel like something like that... What is this?)

(Err... this odor is coming from here, I think?)

(Oh, beneath the staircase... another small room? Is that the source of this smell?)

(So a "secret room" also lies deeper within the "secret underground archives"...?)

(A secret room like this really reminds me of Harry P*tter~ It doesn't feel very real.)

(Hmm, I hear noises coming from the room as well... I-is somebody in there doing something suspicious?)

(Like delinquents having a smoke? No, the worst case scenario would be something like narcotics, maybe!?)

([gulp] W-what should I do? Should I report this to the teachers and wait for instructions...? Wait, no, it might just be a misunderstanding on my part...)

(F-for now... I'll quietly go and peek into the room and check things out. If it looks dangerous, I'll run away as quickly as I can.)

(Alright, let's do that.)

(Just a small little peek...)

>> secret room

Natsume: ~.....♪

Fufufun ♪ Abracadabra, alakazam... there ♪

Tsumugi: A-a person that's questionable in a way that's completely different from what I had in mind!?

Natsume: HM? Who are you...? How did you enter this secret ROOM?

Tsumugi: Ah, this place really is called the "secret room"!?

Natsume: That's just what I call IT, Aoba Tsumugi-senpai ♪

Tsumugi: Eek... What? Why do you know my name?

Natsume: Thank you for the work you do as a member of the library COMMITTEE. It's impressive how diligently you WORK, Tsumugi-senpai. ADMIRABLE.

Allow me to praise YOU. Good BOY ♪

Even if you don't work like slave, everybody will still love you ♪

Tsumugi: Aw shucks, ahaha... How embarrassing — even I've become a little famous... I'm sure it's because of all the effort I'm putting in my idol work recently ♪

Natsume: .... HM? Huh, did my "magic" not get through to YOU?

It seems like I still need a lot more TRAINING. Master's going to be mad at ME ♪


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